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We dare to promise: all works are original design, in principle, the design is modified to satisfaction, but there is no lack of villains who want to design for free for various reasons, forced to do so, this is a special decision:
1. 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the first draft
3. 30 designs monthly


Specializing in the design and development of original innovative models
Women's Clothing Department: Fast Fashion, Korean Shaoshu, Hip Hop Street, Trendy Brand, Cotton and Linen Chinese Style, Plus Size Women's Wear, Dashu Elegant Style, Commuting Style;
Men's Wear Department: Trendy Brand, Hip Hop, Hong Kong Style, Japan and South Korea, Heavy Craft, Simple Europe, Business;
Children's clothing department: Japanese and Korean, sweet and fresh, fast fashion, trendy brands, infant clothing development of all categories, sweaters, down, tweed coats, furs, there are design teams that are good at craftsmanship;
Professional enough: the director controls the direction of fashion trends, plans color matching, fabric use, and guided development; Fast delivery: 15-20 original styles to choose from every week (one-to-one development, only for you):
Low cost: monthly subscription for directional designers;
Strong landing: the director and supervisor control the process, communicate with the pattern, and assist in the review of the version;
Wide information: customers all over the country, grasp the latest trends of each market, big data support: